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Juvenile Crime Attorneys in Arlington

More than 16 Years of Legal Experience Advocating for Clients

Getting a call that your child has been arrested is the worst feeling in the world. You may be full of questions and anxiety about what happens next as you drive to the detention facility to pick them up. What you know for certain is that you need to try to safeguard their rights and future.

Fight against these charges with a trusted firm such as Labovitz Law Firm:

  • We are backed by more than 16 years of collective experience.
  • We focus on meeting the individual needs of the client.
  • We openly and honestly communicate with our clients.
  • We are experienced in trial.
  • We offer free case evaluations to get you started.

Minimizing the consequences they face now can reduce the long-term impact of these charges. Though in many cases, the Texas juvenile justice system varies from that of adults, you cannot simply rely on hopes of leniency.

Common juvenile crimes we handle include:

Has your child been charged with a crime? Call (817) 374-4056 for a free in-person consultation with our lawyers in Arlington.

Effective Representation for Juvenile Crimes in Texas!

Though the goal of the juvenile justice system is to attempt rehabilitation, many prosecutors in Texas can seek to make examples of minors through enhanced penalties. A strong defense is required in order to fully explore your child’s legal options and avoid consequences that can affect them years into adulthood. Where possible, avoiding a criminal record in favor of rehabilitation is the best route to a favorable legal outcome.

Without effective legal representation, your child could face significant repercussions even if they are sent home on probation. At Labovitz Law Firm, we place a strong emphasis on seeking favorable legal outcomes for accused youths in order to avoid the lifelong impact from a conviction. Our Arlington juvenile crime attorneys give each client personalized attention. Contact us to schedule a free in-person consultation.

There is no time to waste if your child is facing criminal charges. Call (817) 374-4056 to schedule a free consultation with our attorneys.

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